Memories & Barcodes

Last weeks saw the opening of the exhibition Souvenir and on Saturday we open the next chapter of 2016 with Minnet av en plats jag aldrig varit på by Tommy Carlsson. Below are a few renditions from Michael Idehall’s installation Barcode, which is a work in progress and it will be featured in the bar at our upcoming events.

Souvenir bild sten hand

A sound art project by

Anna Eriksson (composer, sound artist)
Mansoor Hosseini (composer, sound artist)
Ann Petersson Malmstedt (visual artist)

Film, sound installations, sound objects, and sculptures come together in this sound art event which revolves around the theme ’souvenir and memory’.

Season Opening

While we apply for further funding we have decided to keep the candle burning by arranging a few smaller exhibitions and installations. Our first event this year was a very rewarding experience despite the constraints in budget. Our artists and volunteers helped us to create a welcoming milieu and our guests gave us a familial and warm atmosphere in kind.


Johan G Winther – Self Portraits (installation with sound art and paintings)

‘Self Portraits’ is an ongoing project of Johan G Winther based upon ideas of self-hypnosis, trance and meditation as a way of
delving deeper into ones own mind to explore, unlock and discover new parts of ones own self.
The process has so far proven successful in letting new personalities emerge together with new realizations and understandings of the artists own self.
The modern “selfie” turned inwards to work constructively instead of destructively. Self-obsession without shame and self loathing.
– JGW October 2015

Johan G Winther (1982-) is a Gothenburg based artist working with both sounds and visual arts in various projects and contexts.
Since around 2003 he has released several solo-albums in a plethora of styles and formats, as well as many releases as a member of for example Scraps Of Tape, Blessings and The Silence Set. He has toured all over Europe and Japan and exhibited his art several times at various locations and in various cities and countries.
Instagram: @timecanvas

TVLPA – Tabernacle in the Wilderness (audio/visual installation)

The Tabernacle is an exploration of the human relationship with divinity through the creation of holy physical space.

TVLPA is an artist collective from Gothenburg that researches existential concepts through the manipulation of the consciousness by approaching it as a stream of perception.

Pioneering 3

During the exhibition called Pioneering 2, our artists managed to manifest a portal to another world in our gallery. The gateway was so palpable that you could gaze straight through it. A wild and dangerous land laid before you and vistas of alien sounds lured you in.

Our previous exhibition was a journey deep into the collective unconscious, perhaps even further, and there our artists were able to collect certain information and foreign artefacts. Upon their return, these treasures were brought up to the surface and salvaged into the conscious and brought before its logic. Where P.2 was organic, dark and wild, P.3 is structured, logical and bright. The beholder can now view the results of the past few months expeditions in relative safety.

Pioneering 3 will be open Thursdays and Fridays between 15:00 and 19:00, and on Saturdays between 14:00 and 18:00 until Sunday the 21st of December, which will be our finissage.


Pioneering 2

Our artists will return to the gallery on 24/10 to begin work on the exhibition which will open on the 1st of November. On the day of the opening the public will be welcome to join us between 14:00 and 18:00.

On the night of our grand opening we introduced you to the artist that we will be working with for the remainder of this year, and they are:

Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt Ferm – Visual and sound artist from Gothenburg

Ruta Vitkauskaite – Composer and sound artist from Lithuania

Martin Thulin – Instrument builder and composer from Malmö

With courtesy of Andreas Sandlund we have attached a few photographs from our first event below.


Ljudkonstgalleriet is an artistic collaboratory aimed towards sound art in its many interdisciplinary forms. It is not just a gallery space in the conventional sense, but rather an experimental and empirical research environment in which artists work and communicate with each other to create, participate in collaborative art, and conduct experiments to evaluate and improve art.

The launch of this gallery is a voyage into unknown territory, and the theme for our inaugural project is the concept of pioneering. Our first public event will be a grand opening where we introduce Ljudkonsgalleriet and the artists who will work with us during autumn.

You are hereby cordially invited to join us at Cinnober Teater at Masthuggsterrassen 8/10 19:00.